Oh wow you made it!! Hey there Hot Mess! Nice to meet you, I am Tinara, that Fit Hot mess you have seen all over FaceBook and Instagram!

So This is my website as well as my blog where you will find all of my rantings and ravings, I mean all of my essays following the topics you see below!
Below on this page you will find a brief about me, but you can discover just who I am and what you can find on this site by simply exploring!

Use this site as your personal resource to not only be in better shape, but maybe even learn something new!


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Shutter Lovely

Here is a link to Shutter Lovely's website!

The Blog

This is where you are going to find everything. every post I write. Posts on life, whats happening today, my big fat opinions and of course what you see on the pages adjacent.

Fitness and Nutrition

I'm pretty lax when it comes to Fitness and Nutrition, which in turn makes me the Hot Mess that I am. But I'm all about bringing reality to it, not the glamour you see on Social Media. This is real life.

My story

My story does have a lot of space to fill, but then again it is just starting out. What can I say, I am a young woman in my twenties, recently married and I’m learning how to find myself through the many outlets you see before you. 
I have always had a knack for fitness. Once I felt the taste of Lactic Acid (that feeling of being sore) I was addicted. I wanted to be fit, stay fit and help others get fit. So thus starting “Fit” in the Hot Mess…

In terms of Photography, that was something I I picked up in high school. Once I took my first class and could figure out the basics of an antique film camera, I realized I could create art… And believe me I was no artist. I almost couldn’t call myself a creative person, but I learned what I could, and I’m still learning, which enters in the remainder of my life experiences. Thus entering the “hot Mess” of the story. I really am all over the place. I am here,  I am there, In your face or on an adventure. I will have all of that documented here!

Hey there, Hot Mess! Looking for some fitness tips and routines? Check out the “Blog”! There you can find your favorite recipes, awesome at home routines and even some meal plans that I have put together, free for your personal use!!

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